Using A Flipper for a Temporary Tooth Replacement

Nothing can replace a bright smile. A full smile can make you feel better about socializing, and can help you feel more effective in the workplace. When you are missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious, and may even lack confidence.When those missing teeth are your front teeth, it can be especially embarrassing. There are many… Read more »

The Best Smiles are Possible with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Care

If you do not know what baby bottle tooth decay is, it is an oral health ailment in children caused by the corrosion of their tooth enamel via acids often associated with sugary sweets found in baby bottles. If you want to ensure the success of your child’s smile, focus on baby bottle tooth decay… Read more »

Tips for Treating Thumb Sucking

Did you know that thumb sucking is actually harmful to a child’s oral health? Thumb sucking is the process with which a child resorts to sucking their thumb, often to hide away or give themselves a sense of protection. However, it can lead to oral health damage so it should be discouraged whenever possible. Listed… Read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: Teething

Teething is a normal condition experienced at varying degrees of discomfort for all children with teeth. It takes place when teeth break above the gum line, which, unfortunately, can be discomforting or painful for a young child. For a list of treatments for your child while teething, see below: – Help your child with teething… Read more »

The Quality of a Family Dental Office

Are you looking for a high-quality family dentistry to bring everyone in for a checkup? If so, you have come to the right place! Whether you are new in town or wanting to try a new dental practice, our office here at in , , is happy to welcome you and give you some basic… Read more »

Your Summer Smile Can Benefit from Chewing Sugarless Gum after Meals

Your summer smile can benefit from chewing sugarless gum after meals. Your oral health care can benefit from supplementary treatments beyond brushing and flossing. Studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum for a period of roughly 20 minutes, typically after eating, it can create saliva and help neutralize acids and prevent cavities. For more… Read more »

Preventing Dental Fluorosis

What have you heard about fluoride? Would you be surprised to hear that it is often added to water to prevent cavities? While most people argue that fluoride is useful, did you know that consuming too much fluoride might cause fluorosis? Luckily, fluorosis isn’t something that can cause serious issues, but it could be extremely… Read more »

Has Your Toddler Begun to Show Signs of Teething?

Has your toddler begun to show signs that they are teething? If so, it is vital to help them deal with the sometimes-painful condition. Teething is wholly natural in all children, as it is merely the process of teeth sprouting up above the gum line. However, it can often cause discomfort and pain for the… Read more »

Discussing Dental Fillings with your Child

Cavities happen all the time in children’s baby teeth, it’s fairly common, and this is why you shouldn’t blame yourself or your child if they develop a cavity. Even if you have your child clean their teeth regularly, a cavity could happen due to honest mistakes such as forgetting to brush certain areas. No matter… Read more »

Pulling Your Children’s Teeth: The Facts

You may already know that your children should lose their teeth when they’re around six years old. You may also be aware that your children’s pearly whites don’t always fall out when you think they should. Still, do you actually know when your kid’s teeth should be falling out or what you can do to… Read more »